Thursday, March 20, 2008

NY Times: Mo Gridder's World Famous BBQ

565 Hunts Point Ave
Bronx NY 10474


In culinary school, we were required to read the Wednesday Dining section every week. We were even quizzed on it. The chef said that it was a habit that we needed to get into and stick with for our culinary careers. I have done exactly that. Almost every week, I run out to my local guy, get the paper and rip it open to see who is open, who is closing, what Bruni hated about my most favorite places, and what kind of ice cream they are making these days in Brooklyn (good stuff it generally sounds like.) If I miss the paper, I have a grandmother who is nice enough to save it for me every week. When we get together for dinner, she always hands me a grandma-style tote filled with Wednesday dining sections. Thank goodness too because my boss walks into work many Wednesdays and says "let me see your Dining Out section please." And then it is lost forever. I have even tried to take it back when it lays untouched on her desk, but she'll notice and say, "can I have the times back please?" My Times. Oh well. Thanks for the back-up Grandma!

So when the New York Times told me about Mo Gridder's, I had to go. The chef I worked for during my internship came with me and we treked all over the Bronx looking for this converted truck. It was our best and only food adventure since he has since moved to Oregon. I would absolutely go back if I had another adventurous eating buddy who had enough time and interest in BBQ out of a truck.

So here is what I wrote:


“Mo Gridder’s World Famous BBQ”, is definitely worth the trek to Hunts Point in the Bronx. Surrounded by auto body shops, this unlikely rest stop stands out with its huge red sign and funny looking layout. The food is served out of a converted, half carved out rigger. The kitchen is where you order and where the food is prepared to serve. The other half of the truck is a cherry wood smoking oven.

We were told that hickory imparts too bitter a flavor, but that the cherry wood balances perfectly with the meat. The menu is simple with great meats such as BBQ pulled pork, beef brisket, smoked sausage and chicken. The star, however, are the BBQ ribs, smoked for at least three hours. Each meal comes with sides that include delicious smoky beans, BBQ rice, potato salad, average coleslaw and mac and cheese, or fries.

Underneath the giant red sign is a make-shift red counter that you can stand at while covering your face with the amazing barbecue sauce and shoveling as much into your mouth as possible before your stomach realizes that it cannot take any more. All the while, keeping an eye on your car.

The guys who work there are incredibly friendly. They were more than happy to walk me through my options (I decided on a combo of ribs and pulled pork with mac and cheese and pasta salad) and give me any information about the truck/stand that I could ask for. The owner even showed me around the giant smoker and opened up the wood chamber for us.

I will definitely go again and encourage anyone who can, to take the 6 train to the end and start walking. Mo Gridder’s BBQ is fun and delicious.

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